"In the Right Place At the Right Time…"

In addition to its construction and contracting activities, EKTON has accelerated its investments in logistics, and in this context, renewing its fleet of machinery and equipment, has adopted the principle of providing all the demands from customers in a fast and trouble-free manner on a national scale.

When you say logistics and supply, what comes to our mind is ;

No limitation on service, Responsibility, Experience, Diligence, Discipline, Technology, Stability, Versatility, Innovation, Excellence, Success, Solution Partnership, a chain for reaching the successes and objectives.

Our procurement service, which is based on the principle of fast, high quality and on-site solution, requires a wide construction machinery and equipment track, technological infrastructure, and the ability of the professional staff to move.

EKTON has always provided logistic and procurement services within its own structure and serves as a solution partner to its customers without the need for any other company.