Our activities

Our company has been active since 1985 in; production, construction, contracting, logistics, excavation, renewable energy and agricultural sector.

A. Construction and Project Applications
Turnkey construction works
Solid waste landfill construction
Environmental regulations after construction
Residential and complex building construction works
Urban transformation applications and services

B. Contracting Services
Road construction
Infrastructure and purification works
Waste Storage Area (Landfill Management)
Staff supply services (skilled and unskilled)
Cleaning, Park & ​​Garden Services

C. Logistics and Procurement Services
Transportation Services
Machinery and Equipment Supply and Leasing Services
Stone and Sand quarry management
Fly Ash Supply Services
Gypsum Supply Services

D. Excavation and Stream Rehabilitation Practices
Pickling, Dam Construction, Controlled Excavation and Filling Works
Ground Improvement
Stream Improvement and Flood Protection Structures

E. Agriculture Management
Fruit Processing Activities
Other Agricultural Products

F. Renewable Energy Production Activity
12.50 MWm Biomass Power Plant