OHS Management

The health and safety of every individual affected by the product realization process is indispensable.

Our aims with this system that we set, are;
- To prevent potential hazards at source,
- To keep our risks at acceptable levels,
- To raise awareness by creating workspaces in healthy conditions,
- To contribute to the establishment of occupational health and safety culture.

Our OHS Consciousness

The awareness that accidents can be prevented with a proactive approach based on risk assessment is conveyed to our employees. Education and meetings are primarily used in the dissemination of this consciousness.

OHS Trainings

Our Periodically organized internal and external trainings are;

- Orientation
- OHS basic education
- Risk assessment
- Working at height and scaffolding
- OHS in Electrical Works
- OHS in Manual Works
- Business Equipments
- First aid
- Warning Signs
- OHS in Maintenance and Repair Works
- Operator Training
- Welding Technology and Technology
- OHS in Screened Equipment
- Fire and Fire Protection
- Business law